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  • “God didn’t create any being on earth for nothing; you and I are specially designed for a unique and specific purpose.

  • “The making of a new Nigeria can only become reality by new Nigerians that are experiencing transformation in all

  • Fathers are real leaders because they are ladders that generations climb on to reach their goals” RSD “With each

Ralph Segun Dada
@RSegundadaDec 12
RT @DaystarNG: To overcome ingratitude, you must work against the familiarity tendencies; don't get familiar with God's grace. @sam_adeyemi
Ralph Segun Dada
@RSegundadaDec 11
RT @DaystarNG: Don't miss an incredible line-up of ministers and comedians this December as we fuel our gratitude mode at SWAG NIGHT 2.0 R…
Ralph Segun Dada
@RSegundadaDec 11
RT @sam_adeyemi: This will be a week of amazing results for you. Powerful recommendations is going forth on your behalf. I see you taking y…
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