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  • “Those who focus on winning the “blame game” sometimes win the conversations but lose the communication and connection

  • “Mothers make our world better because they are the best care givers” RSD. The villages were unoccupied and ruler

  • “You were created in the image and likeness of God. He wants you to look like Him through your creativity and productiv

Ralph Segun Dada
@RSegundadaMay 21
RT @NikeAdeyemi: Everyone wants acceptance: everyone needs love and validation.. Let's be channels of God's love and acceptance to others..…
Ralph Segun Dada
@RSegundadaMay 21
RT @sam_adeyemi: Today, I declare there is good news, there is hope for healing and restoration! There is healing from all forms of abuse,…
Ralph Segun Dada
@RSegundadaMay 18
Surely or only goodness, mercy and UNFAILING LOVE shall follow me all the days of my life and through the length of… https://t.co/vD9HxIZURQ
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