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  • Fathers are real leaders because they are ladders that generations climb on to reach their goals” RSD “With each

  • “Some African leaders and people love democracy but lack the deliberate and disciplined efforts to experience its reali

  •  “When our children become gracious, their future and ours will be glorious” RSD Fathers, do not irritate and pro

Ralph Segun Dada
@RSegundadaJun 17
RT @NikeAdeyemi: Happy Fathers Day to my Sweetheart, the children and I celebrate you for who you are today and always. Take joy in all the…
Ralph Segun Dada
@RSegundadaJun 16
"Even if it seems that nothing is working in the physical, yet God is still always working to ensure that everythin… https://t.co/20Jo5EnicN
Ralph Segun Dada
@RSegundadaJun 16
RT @nickygumbel: Being happy does not mean that everything is perfect. It means you have decided to look beyond the imperfections.
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