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I have a divine mandate to teach fulfillment principles drawing inspiration from the Word of God

RSEGUNDADA.COM is designed to help you keep on your watch; encourage, inspire and urge you to NEVER QUIT; and constantly get motivated by God to fulfill your purpose, visions, dreams, aspirations and become an inspiration to others in life  . Therefore, it is important that you have a positive attitude irrespective of any negative situation that you may encounter on your path towards the fulfillment of your goals because challenges are meant to make you a champion and a victor instead of a victim.

So I urge you to visit this site daily to enjoy inspiration for outstanding and supernatural accomplishments in all your endeavors. Please kindly invite your friends and family to also join us to enjoy inspiration for the fulfillment of their heart desires and God’s ultimate purpose for their lives.

Enjoy God’s grace for great impacts and outstanding results.

Ralph Segun Dada (RSD)

Ralph Segun Dada is a Learner, Lover, Leader, Lifter and Life Coach. He is an Associate Pastor with Daystar Christian Centre in Lagos Nigeria and has a divine mandate to teach fulfillment principles drawing inspiration from the Word of God.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy, and has successfully undergone several personal development and leadership programmes from prestigious institutions such as Lagos Business School (LBS), Daystar Leadership Academy,

Word of Faith Bible Institute, and has worked as head of marketing, training and customer service in the corporate world before becoming a full time pastor.

Segun now serves as faculty member and also a facilitator with specialization in Leadership, Leadership Development, Dynamics of Vision, Delegation Strategies, Financial Management and Excellence Oriented Organization with Daystar Leadership Academy.

He is an author, a teacher and he speaks at conferences.

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