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The reason God made you different from all other people on earth is because He wants you to make a difference and outstanding impact here with your gifts and potentials” RSD

“The blessings of your father have surpassed the blessings of my ancestors Up to the utmost bound of the everlasting hills; May they be on the head of Joseph, and on the crown of the head of the one DISTINGUISHED among his brothers. Gen 49:26 NASU

The world is filled with people who compare themselves with others.
There are also people who love to compete with others as well as those who complain about other people because they are so different from them either in the way they look or the way they do things.

Sometimes, people find themselves criticizing others maybe because of their approach to issues for which they have different point of view.

One of the reasons people have low self-esteem and often go into depression is because of their inability to discover and appreciates the fact that they are really different from other people and that God had made them unique and special.

The fact that no one has the same finger print, heartbeat, voice tone and so on lends credence to our difference. And our difference is deliberate, not a mistake.

Perhaps you seem not to really appreciate your uniqueness. Then let me try and help you understand that you are not inferior to anyone and no one is better than you. You are the very best of yourself. You only need to place great value on your personality, gifts, talents and abilities and also maximize them to the fullest. Never envy others because of who they are, what they have, where they are and what they have accomplished or achieved in life.

But the truth is that all of us have the same capacity to attain our full potentials and fulfill our purpose in life.

The story of Joseph and his brothers is a remarkable one we need to learn a lesson or two from especially on the need to be confident, content and live life without necessarily envying others for what they have.

Joseph’s brothers were so envious of Joseph to the point where it became hatred.

“And the patriarchs [Jacob’s sons], boiling with envy and hatred and anger, sold Joseph into slavery in Egypt; but God was with him. Acts 7:9 AMP.

Can you imagine what envy could lead to?

Of course these men (Joseph’s brothers) didn’t really know that they too had their own unique gifts and talents. They envied Joseph because he had special gift which is the ability to dream and interpret dreams. They envied his coat of many colors too. You don’t have to envy anyone’s dress when you can dress your own gifts well for global standards and performances.

Most of the people who have made great impact and had outstanding achievements in life have been able to do so by first appreciating their gifts, their differences and uniqueness. Bill Gates developed his computer skills, Ronaldo maximized his football skills, Bishop Jakes optimized his preaching skills and Nelson Mandela took his passion for political struggles and human rights activism to an exceptional level.

We too must realize that no one is better than us or greater than us because of their natural endowments or achievements. All of us have the potential to impact our world positively in our own little yet unique ways. The tortoise doesn’t envy the bird because it flies neither does the elephant envy the monkey because it climbs trees. So, focus on your difference and uniqueness so you make unique and remarkable impact in our world.

The reason Jesus was different from every prophet and religious leader that ever lived (and those yet to come) is because He had a unique identity that was free of sin and iniquity.
He related with sinners, yet was not sinful. He couldn’t be sinful because He was born of a virgin –in other words, the seed that produced Him wasn’t contaminated by the nature of sin in man.

Humans commit sin because of the nature of sin in us not because of any culture, circumstances or temptation. The same way a dog barks not because it sees any challenging situation but because it was designed to bark.

Jesus was conscious of His uniqueness as one with a divine personality and with that came a wholesome identity despite all the animosity from his persecutors. It was the understanding of His unique nature that motivated Him to confidently say that He is The Way to freedom from sin and iniquity that is ravaging the human race; The Truth that can unravel all the lies of the devil-lies that were used to deceive the first man and woman and then The Life that can quicken every dead situations in our lives.

I encourage you to maximize your difference so that you can experience significantly different results in all you do in life.

“You and I have great potentials to make great impacts on lives and for life.” RSD


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