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Extremely Loved

Extremely Loved

“God loves you passionately, practically and permanently” RSD
The word Love is a very nice and most used word by people without really knowing the meaning of it. Some use it to express feelings and liking for either things, subjects, places, sports, profession, people and so on. But the truth is that when the purpose of something is not known, abuse of it is inevitable .That is why a lot of people are abusing the word love in several places and for several reasons. To really understand the word love, we need to find out who first mentioned or made use of the word. According to the scriptures, the word love was mentioned by God in Genesis 22: 2 to Abraham regarding when he was tested to sacrifice his son that he waited for after twenty five years.

When God used that word love for Abraham, He was indirectly planning to show His eternal, unquantifiable and extreme love for him and the world. When Abraham obeyed God and decided to honor God by willingness to give God his only admirable son. God interjected by providing a ram for the sacrifice which symbolically represents the special sacrifice of his Son for the sin of the world.

No one can love you like God that created you. Maybe as you are reading this article you have been jilted by a lover, deceived and cheated by a partner. You may be going through some difficult situations that you may not be able to really explain, just know certainly that for God to send His only Son to die for you, it shows how dear you are to Him. If God could sacrifice Jesus for you, then it means that you are very special and extremely loved. Therefore, don’t allow any guilt and sinful acts to make you live in self-pity and condemnation, all you have to do is to accept God’s love with all your heart and allow Jesus to save your soul and saturate your life with His peace and grace.

FOR GOD SO GREATLY LOVED and dearly prized the world that He [even] gave up His only begotten ( unique) Son, so that whoever believes in (trusts in, clings to, relies on) Him shall not perish John 3:16. AMP.

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