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“Mothers have feathers that take people, organizations and nations higher irrespective of the weather and negatives situations of life” RSD

The woman became pregnant and had a son. She saw there was something special about him and hid him. She hid him for three months. Exodus 2:2 MSG.

The roles and responsibilities of motherhood can be compared to the way the mother hen and eagle uses their feathers to protect their young ones and to provide a platform and leverage for them to move higher and to also learn how to soar in a great dimension. It is quite alarming that most people underestimate the role of women, particularly mothers. Some people assume that they are just home makers or children manufacturers. But mothers are more precious and valuable than what we can imagine.

The story of the mother of Moses is so phenomenal and touching. Can you imagine a mother risking her life and entire family because of a baby? She could have decided to allow the current decree in her days by the horrible and terrible ruler to take the life of her son away; but despite the fear and torment for disobeying the dictator’s order to kill all babies from a certain age, she hid him. There are several terrors claiming the lives of innocent children in our days; For example, sicknesses, diseases, accidents, child molesters, negative policies and strategies like abortion, bad economic conditions, and many more.

As a mother, you should embrace the example of Moses’s mother who saw the future of her son and risked her life to nurture him to become the great prophet that we all admire today. Can you imagine that all the first five books of the bible were in Moses, the deliverance from several years of captivity of God’s people was also in him, together with other amazing exploits that could have been locked up but for a woman with a spiritual understanding who saw potentials in a baby.
Hence, there is a great need for all to recognize the special role that God has given to mothers and women all over the world so as to encourage them to help build lives for optimum capacity in various spheres of our world. Every president, inventor, governor, lawyer, soldier, pastor, politician, leader, doctor, etc. was raised and influenced by a mother or woman either directly or indirectly.

“When we value mothers and also add value to them, our world will increase in values and valuables” RSD.

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